Changing your address at the US Post Office.


So you’ve finally managed to complete your move. It was stressful, but you’ve got a new place to call home. But what about all your mail?

Well, unfortunately, you’ll not be receiving any mail to your new address unless you’ve changed your address at the US Post Office or

Any old mail will be sent to your old address until you tell them that you’re living somewhere new.

So, how do you go about changing your address at the US Post Office, and what steps does it involve?

1.) Head to the US Postal Service site and choose the “change your address online” option.

2.) The first thing you’ll be asked is if your move is permanent or temporary. Select your option.

3.) Once you’ve chosen this, you’ll need to tell the postal service when you’d like your mail forwarded from. Select a date and tell them if you’re a family, individual or business.

4.) Enter your name, contact details, and your old address in the fields provided.

5.) Once you’ve done this you’ll be asked to enter your new address. You’ll also be asked if you want informed delivery, which is a kind of service that provides you with images and emails of any incoming mail.

6.) Enter this information and then you’ll be taken to a payment page. There’s a nominal payment of 1 dollar for moving your postal address. This is actually to do with verifying your identity.

7.) You should be all set. You’ll get a confirmation email and a receipt emailed through to you.

If you’ve signed up for informed delivery then you’ll be able to tell whether the redirection has been successful.

You’ll receive emails of your incoming mail as soon as it is logged in the system.

What if I can’t do it online for some reason?

Maybe your internet connection isn’t reliable or for whatever reason you’d prefer to apply for it in person?

If you’re struggling with changing your address at the US Post Office then it’s worth physically heading to a post office.

Go in and ask if you can redirect your mail to your new address. You’ll be given a series of forms and leaflets, known as a Mover’s Guide packet. Inside will be a form called a PS Form 3575. It’ll contain most of the same information that you’d be asked for online.

Complete the form with your details, including your contact details, your old address and your new address.

You’ll have the same option of informed delivery – tick this box if you’d like to set this up.

Once this is done, find a postal worker and hand it over to them, or alternatively drop it into one of the mail slots in the post office.

How will you know that your redirect has been successful?

With any luck you should receive a letter confirming your change of address within the next few days. It’ll inform you that all mail sent to you at your previous address will now be redirected to your new home.

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