Cleaning your carpet: How often should you do it?

A good carpet is an essential requirement to adding the final touch to your home. It is, therefore, necessary to pick a carpet that will complement your furniture and color scheme. However, after buying your carpet, the struggle does not end there. You have to make sure it is always kept clean to add onto the appearance of your home and also prevent bad odors. Choosing the right method and also the frequency of cleaning your carpet can also be a bit hectic, that is why people hire St Petersburg Carpet Cleaning to make things easier. There is no right answer that will fit all homes when it comes to carpet cleaning, and you will just have to choose one that will work for you best depending also on your circumstances. Most people prefer to vacuum their carpets at least once a week while washing or steaming them at least quarterly.

The frequency of washing and vacuuming your carpet is set to change depending on various factors including:

1. The area you live.

If the surroundings of your home are more prone to dirt such as in the city or on a farm, you will want to clean your carpet more often, for example, three to four times a week. This is because the carpet will collect more dust making it look dull and less appealing.

2. Pets and small children.

It is advisable to clean your carpet more frequently if you have pets or small children. For pets, their fur is likely to shed especially during hot weather and get caught on the carpet. This fur does not look appealing at all on the carpet’s material. The pets may also increase how much dirt gets onto your carpet, and you should be prepared to clean it more often. Small children, on the other hand, are responsible for spills and also dirt on your carpet. The real challenge presents itself when you have both pets and small children in the house. Vacuuming will need to be done at least daily or on alternating days. You would not want your kids getting sick because of the fur and dirt that is trapped in the carpet.

3. Habits of the people living in your home

If you allow people to step into your house with their shoes on, you will need to clean your carpet more often. This is because the shoes collect a lot of dirt from outside and bring them into your house.

4. Bad odors and appearance

If you are someone who is very mindful of how clean their home is, you will find yourself cleaning your carpet more often. This is because carpets are a hub for dirt and easily get stains. In order to have your house smelling fresh and looking clean and beautiful, clean your carpet more frequently.

5. Weather changes

When the rainy season kicks in, it becomes easier to bring more dirt home with your shoes. At such times, it becomes necessary to clean your carpet more.

6. The type of fibers used to make the carpet

If your carpet is made using long fibers, it automatically becomes a dust magnet. You will, therefore, find yourself cleaning it every other day due to the dust build-up. These sort of carpets can also harbor mites, making it advisable to wash it with a carpet washer more times within the year.

Besides all that, you should clean the carpet whenever any mark appears because it is easier to remove stains at the initial point before it settles and sticks onto the fabric. Therefore, in between vacuuming and washing clean any spills as soon as they happen using a spray carpet cleaner to keep your carpet looking beautiful. It is also advisable to call in professional carpet cleaners to wash or steam it for you to get the best results.

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