Factors to consider when choosing the right olive oil

Olive oil is well known and used by most people in the world due to its health benefits and delicious taste of the oil. Today in the market there are varieties of olive oil. Choosing the best olive type is not such easy as some people may think. Great care and attention must be employed when picking or when one is looking for the best olive oil type. There are various factors that one should consider when picking the perfect olive oil, some o the factors to consider include,

Harvest or manufacturing date

Harvest date is important while choosing the best olive oil; this is because fresh olive oil is ideal for use than that was harvested in a long time ago. Olive oils are good for two years and if it is placed in an optimum temperature but if the harvest is beyond two years the flavor of the oil will diminish and hence will not be useful to users. So it is advisable for any buyer to look at the date of harvest of the olive oil before he/she picks one from a company like Mountain Town Olive Oil. It should be understood that the preceding the harvest olive oil the less the flavor and taste of the oil. Harvest dates are usually indicated at the bottom side of the olive oil bottle, and if you realize that there are no dates, then you should put back that olive oil.

Ensure there is a seal of approval

The market today has many fake olive oils that individuals have decided to sell them to get cash. To differentiate this fake olive oil the government has put measures to ensure olive oil customers are receiving good and quality olive oils and therefore they have made sure that every olive oil has got a seal of approval. Having a seal is a show of high-quality oil, therefore, to pick the best olive oil check on the approval seal of the oil in your area or state. The seal of approval is found on the sides of the bottle, and if you realize that it does not have then, that olive oil is not ideal for use.

The place of origin

The place of origin is another factor to consider when choosing the best olive oil. This is because it may show some of the technology that the place of origin has made. For example, those individuals from developing countries will prefer olive oil from those countries that have developed for example olive oil from the US, Australia among other developed countries; this is because of they believe that their olive oil is of advanced technology that those from developing places. However, this factor is not such serious to follow but can be important in one way or the other.

Understand the purpose of every type

There are various olive oils today on the market, therefore before you pick one you should be able to understand the purpose of each type and also understand why you need one. Does the type you are in need correspond to the various types available in the market? If yes go for it. For example, pomace olive oil is ideal for deep frying,

The other factors that you can consider are the cost of the olive oil you are buying, market availability and among other factors. If you are in need of purchasing the best olive oil, then consider putting into consideration the above factors that we have discussed.

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