How to Choose the Right Hunting Bow

Compound bows use a levering system comprising of pulleys and cables to bend the ends or limbs of the bow. It gives a mechanical advantage, as the archer can exert less physical poundage (effort) when the bow is fully drawn. As a result, the archer obtains better aim and accuracy. Unlike the traditional bows, the materials used to make compound bows do not warp with changes in humidity and temperature. It makes the bow durable and reliable in varying environments.

The main shaft is made of either aluminium, magnesium or a combination of both to make it lightweight and stronger. Whether you are an archery beginner or you have perfect bull’s eye shot, and in addition to these features, you need good in-depth knowledge from compound bow reviews on how to choose the right hunting bow.

1. Draw length
You can measure your draw length by knowing your wingspan, which is fulfilled by standing straight with both hands outstretched to form the letter T. you can ask a friend to measure the length from the tip of one finger to the other. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you confirm your draw length with a qualified archer establish your accuracy. The compound bow that you pick should have a convenient and comfortable draw length, which will boost your user experience and assist you master archery faster.

2. Eye dominance
When selecting the right compound bow for you, eye dominance is domineering because the human brain chooses the input of one eye over the other. Therefore, the brain considers the input of the eye to be more reliable. However, the brain chooses the dependable eye based on your writing arm. Knowledge of your dominant eye will assist you to settle on the appropriate bow that will guarantee effective shots.

3. Axle length
The axle length is the measurement between the bow cams the axle-to-axle length is essential in determining the appropriate measurement specs for the fitting bow for you. It is easier to manoeuvre shorter bows but harder to shoot, meaning you will need more practice. Longer axle length is forgiving and the best option if you are an archery beginner.


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