How to use Shaving Cream?


Different skins have various degree of sensitivities. Shaving cream from helps to desensitize the skin and make the shaving process enjoyable. Because beard hair is tough and circular while the underlying skin is soft, you need to soften the rough and hard hair so as to prevent irritation and accidental cuts.

How to use shaving cream
To use a shaving cream, you first have to prepare your skin by using a facial wash or scrub to clear excess dirt and soften the hair.

The techniques for using a shaving cream depends on the type of cream. There are two types which are: Brushless and Lathering-type shaving creams. Brushless shaving cream can be used without a brush, they don’t lather and are applied directly to the face. Lathering-type shaving cream requires a shaving brush or hand to create a rich lather which can reach the roots of your beards and makes your shaving experience pleasant.

Using shaving cream involves lathering up the cream and applying it to your face. The methods of lathering cream are discussed below:

1. Bowl/Mug lathering
This method allows you to create lather easily using a small amount of cream. You should select a bowl of appropriate size and one made with heat-resistant materials. You also need to soak your brush in warm water to soften it. Add a small amount of shaving cream with few drops of water inside the bowl and steer the mixture with your brush or fingers until lather start building up. If needed, you can add a few drops of water as you steer. Watch out for when the mixture looks like a whipped cream and it is uniform, then take some cream and apply it to your face after cleaning and wetting it.

2. Face lathering
You can still lather your cream even if you don’t have access to a bowl. You first need to soak your brush in a mug for a few minutes. Remove the brush and apply some shaving cream to its tips. Then brush the cream on your wet face in a circular manner to lather the cream. Add water to prevent the lather from drying out.

3. Palm lathering with a brush
Clean your face with hot water and soak the brush in hot water. Use the soaked shaving brush to steer the cream on your palm until it lathers. If needed, you can soak the tip of the brush in water and continue lathering. Finally, apply the lather to your face evenly and rub it gently.

4. Hand application without brush or lather
This method is most suitable for brushless shaving cream. After preparing your face by washing it, add some cream to your palm. You should use your hands to make lather by placing some cream on one your palm and rubbing your two hands together. Add some few drops of water and rub them more. You then apply the lather to your face and rub it gently to create an even texture.

Shaving cream should be left on your face for a minute or two after its application before shaving, this allows it time to soften and moisturize your facial hair.

Applying shaving cream the right way helps to avoid shaving on dry skin that cuts easily. It is advisable to lather a shaving cream in a bowl with a brush whenever possible. Knowing how to use a shaving cream is an important step in getting a smooth and painless shave.

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