Most Popular Forklift Brands In Usa

Tough jobs like moving heavy boxes, piles of dirt, or piles of concrete and rocks, requires a high-quality forklift. Almost every professional job site owns a forklift, from grocery stores to the farming industry. Forklifts can either be used in a professional setting, which requires larger and more heavy duty types or residential settings, where a lighter duty type is required for small projects. There are several international forklift manufacturers but less than half are based in the USA. The bulk of forklift manufacturers are based in Asia and Europe, with Japan being home to three of the largest forklift manufacturers. This means that any American Business owner who wishes to buy a forklift from a local manufacturer only has a few producers to choose from.

There are many reasons besides patriotism for buying an American-made forklift after getting your employees the required Forklift Train The Trainer Certification.
American forklift manufacturers are held in very high standards for producing quality machinery. Various manufacturers produce forklifts that differ in strength although this depends on the strength and production facilities of each company.

Here is a list of some of the most popular forklifts in USA.

1. Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a household name in the U.S due to the company’s commitment to the production of durable and reliable machinery that functions well even in the toughest terrains. Caterpillar is also widely known for manufacturing a wide range of machinery such as lift trucks among other varieties that are electric, diesel, gasoline and liquid propane powered. Caterpillar’s production facility has its headquarters in Houston,Tx and is ISO certified.

2. Yale Materials Handling Corporation

This company specializes in the manufacture of forklifts and has become an industry leader due to production of high performing and top-of-the-line forklifts. It produces forklifts that are powered by gasoline, electricity, liquid propane and diesel. This company also offers maintenance, financing and equipment-use training services including part services. Yale is also widely known for its excellent customer service, often going out of its way to assist its customers.

3. Clark

This company produces material handling trucks and has manufactured over 350,000 trucks that are in use in various locations worldwide. Clark’s product line consists of machinery that has a lifting power ranging from 1,500-100,000 pounds. It produces equipment that is powered by diesel, liquid-propane gas, electric as well as dual fuels. Clark also leads the industry in the manufacture of narrow-aisle trucks that are designed to be used specifically in warehouses. This company has managed to build a reputation of constantly innovating its lines of production, improving on their existing services as well as being responsive to the demands of their customers.

4. Crown Equipment Corporation

This company designs, manufacturers, distributes and services material-handling machinery such as forklifts. They are well-known for their innovative forklift designs as well as their vertically integrated way of doing business. Crown produces at least 85 percent of all its forklift components including drive units, electronic modules and motors. Crown also manufacturers hand trucks and turret trucks among other types of lifting trucks. The company’s primary objective is to produce the most efficient, comfortable, reliable and safest forklifts. The brands listed above are the most popular forklifts in USA, and are considered the best due to their durability, reliability and versatility in the industry and also have the best motors.

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