Process of selling a home in the United States

Do you own a house that you no longer need? Sell it. If you already intend to sell it? Don’t worry, this property can easily get a new owner. However, this process requires careful selection of the way you want to handle the change of ownership of your house. You can either sell the house yourself or let Houston Tx house buyers do the job for you and get the cash.

You should get your house ready for sale. You can prune rough trees branches, do the gardening and fix damaged areas such as faulty water taps, cracked walls, leaking roofs and other minor problems. You can also give your house a new look by painting it so that is does not look dilapidated. Keep the maintenance cost in mind when selling the house so that you do not run at a loss.

Selling the property yourself

If you got the brains and confidence to negotiate with potential buyers, you can manage this process on your own. However, you require a specialist in real estate matters such as a real estate attorney who can give you a clue or assist you in the process of selling the property. This is important since you are going to deal with money. No one can know good or evil persons and lack of an attorney can easily drag you into a nasty scandal that can make you lose your cash. You also need a good house evaluation expert who can give you an approximate value of your house. This will protect you from asking for low amount of money compared to the actual value of your property and run at a loss. In addition, the expert can check for defects and imperfections in the house that you can either fix to attract higher costs or you can ignore them and give your client a discount.

You are supposed to gather all the relevant paper works including documents that shows home ownership. If you don’t, you can easily scare potential buyers since they might imagine you are a conman or the house has some sort of problems.

In order to make people know that you are actually selling your home, there are several ways to advertise this property. You can ask easily make signs on paper and stick them on a visible side of your house, pay for advertisement on most popular social networks such as Facebook and twitter, or magazines and journals.

Selling through real estate agents

You can go through terms and conditions of several reputable real estate agents in the US and select the one that can give you the best deal. Do not forget to look at the commission that they will get. Some have a higher commission compared to others and as you may know, the more the commission, the less money you get from your sale.

After choosing a real estate agent, communicate with them or pay them a visit at their offices. Your house will get valued by their specialists and if you are comfortable with their price tag, you can give them a go ahead to either advertise it then call you when there is a potential buyer or they may have interest in your house and buy it.


You can take a lot of time to sell a house on your own since it takes several days for someone who is interested in it to show up. If you require to sell it in a short period of time, a real estate agent is the way to go. Finally you must remove your belongings from the house in the shortest time possible to give room for house inspectors and the new owner to asses this asset immediately you hand over your ownership documents.

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