Things to remember to do when moving homes


I have yet to find a genetically modified individual that never found moving homes to be a stressing ordeal. If you are one of those super power enhanced mutants, well congratulations to you.

But if you are just like the rest of us human beings that ultimately dread the moving date and keep running up and down like a headless chicken when it finally comes to it, consider yourself very lucky for having found this post! We got you covered with this list of things to remember to do when moving homes:

1 – Notify Your Service Providers
First, stay on top of your mail, by contacting all your service providers such as banks, tax services, family doctor, utility bills, insurance among many, to get them to update your postal address.  Your postal service providers may also provide this service or redirect mail services at a reasonable fee, thus keeping your mind at ease. Check out usps temporary change of address if you need a simple temporary solution.

2 – Let it Go
Moving provides us all with the perfect blank canvas to start afresh. So, take advantage of this opportunity to consider what you are packing into your new home and let go of any clutter, junk that clearly no longer belongs in your life.

3 – Labels, Labels, and More Labels
Labels not only help you to place items into their respective categories, but it also facilitates boxes to be delivered to the right room at your new place. And then you won’t spend hours rummaging through boxes trying to identify where exactly did you place your items.

4 – That Special Box
There are certain items that you or your family might find essential for the first few nights in your new home, these items such as (kids blankets, toothbrushes, toiletries, uniforms, work necessities etc…) should not be placed in their category, but rather, set a special packing box where you can place all the important items to avoid the pressure of unpacking all boxes searching for these items.

5 – Switching Time
Do not forget to switch your utility providers. You don’t want to end up paying for utilities on both the new and the old home. So, make sure you jot down or take a picture of all your meter to provide them with the accurate readings.

6 – Snap up Some Pictures
No, we are not asking you to take a selfie of yourself, but if you are vacating a rented property, it is advised that you take photographs of the state of the property at the time of leaving.

In this manner, you are protecting yourself and your initial deposit from any misunderstandings with your previous landlord.

7 – Get Help
As much as you’d love to be Superman or Wonder woman, you’ve got to show yourself some love and avoid stressing over things that you are not able to do.

The best thing is to ask for help from relatives where it is possible. And where it isn’t possible, hire the necessary assistance that you need. Trust me it is far less stressing to get a professional to do it for you rather than spending hours at the University of YouTube trying to learn a skill you have no need of.

8 – Press Play
As a bonus, prepare a playlist ahead of time for music, audiobooks or any information you want to have played in the background. Make sure it is positive and you’ll be flying through the process.

Despite it may seem stressful, moving is one of those inevitable activities that we must get on with, but don’t forget the result is a cozy home for you to enjoy!

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