Why your lawn looks worse now

There are lots of reasons for your lawn to lose its vibrant look, during summer, and one of the reasons is the lack of nitrogen. While fertilising your lawn, you have to think of applying a slow release of nitrogen fertiliser early on in the season when it begins to grow. Further when you apply the fertiliser for the first time, you have to water the lawn properly. But, even before spreading the fertiliser over your lawn, you have to check the weather forecast and ensure that there is no rain on that day. Otherwise, the rain will wash out the nutritious fertilizer applied and your efforts will go waste. To save your time, hire the professionals from http://discoverziehler.com/west-chester-lawn-care-liberty-township-ohio/.

When you are mowing your lawn with a lawn mover, you should be sure that you are not cutting more than one third of the grass, as this will provide necessary shade to the crown of the grass during the summer. By this process of cutting, thicker root growth of the grass is assured and helps to retain the moisture. You can leave the clippings on the grass in the lawn itself as they will become an added nutrition.

You have to maintain your lawn at regular intervals of time and clear the weeds and check for the diseases. If you see such lapses, you can apply chemical compounds, available in the market, for the purpose of bringing back the glory of your backyard lawn. You must also have close follow up of the manufacturer’s instructions, while applying any chemical to your lawn, to avoid any damage.

You have to sharpen the blades of your lawn mower, if required, and do the cutting work. This will help the grass to be healthy at all times, without being affected by diseases. The lawns are subject to infestation of insects and you can apply the right chemical products to get rid of this menace.

By following the above tips, you can ensure that you have a well maintained and a beautiful lawn. You can show off this beautiful garden of yours and can enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Thus, take care of your lawn properly and get a beautiful garden.

Hiring a professional service in taking proper care of lawn is always a good decision because these professionals will not only engage in mowing the lawn but also they take useful measures in fertilizing the lawn area that promotes the augmentation of the grass.

The professionals of lawn care provide excellent services in treating and diagnosing garden pests and plants that may prove helpful in overall growth of the trees of your garden. As it is always important to become careful while using insecticides to control pests, it is a good decision to depart this task on professionals who are trained and efficient in removing pests that are being spot in the garden. Thus hiring professionals for taking care of your lawn is always a good decision. Sometimes, you can hire them on yearly contract basis which means they will take care of your landscape throughout the year.

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